Blanche Blacke

Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Creative Artist

Spiritual Healer and Teacher
Blanche Blacke with Brittany Payton Vide

Blanche Blacke has been practicing modern shamananism since 1995,

a mediator between the spirit realm and human beings. She is a specialist

of the soul and passionate about awakening understanding of our

soul's inner workings and the subtle energies that create worlds. She is

dedicated to alleviate the suffering of humanity, aiding individuals and

groups dispel illusion and empower their now and future creations. Her

clients reach a greater potential for creativity, personal achievement, 

happiness, love and physical health. She is available for Private Sessions and

teaches groups. 


Blanche has created an elegant line of Chakra Balancing products to enhance

the aura and the Chakra Healers' Training Program. She is founder of 

The Chakra Shoppe in Chicago.


As a Creative Artist, she has written and produced interdisciplinary theater and founded several musical groups. and Co-Founder of Chicago's Phil 'n' the Blanks.


Blanche offers a variety of sessions  that address physical, emotional and spiritual issues -- from the simple to the esoteric. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms, paranormal experiences, physical or emotional stress, suffering from  life's traumas or wanting to reach new levels of achievement, Blanche can bring comfort, loving healing, inspiration and guidance to assist your journey.


Group classes offer the benefit of learning in a fun, safe setting.

Often, a participant will be able to reach a level of clearing and understanding that raises the vibration of the entire group.

We also find the group that comes together are aligned, addressing

similar issues.  

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Private Sessions

Chakra Analysis & Healing -- 60 minutes

Complete Chakra Alignment.  During an hour session all chakras receive a deep healing and clearing, the energy field is balanced through hands-on-healing, crystals, aromatherapy and sound healing. We can focus on up to three major concerns in the full hour session. Chakra healing aids the emotional and physical bodies through spiritual healing and calms the soul. Profound results are possible.     $189.00   

Chakra Analysis & Healing  -- 30 Minutes

During a 30 minute session,  three to four chakras receive a deep healing,  the energy system is balanced, through hands-on-healing, crystals, aromatherapy and sound healing. Guidance comes through from the angelic realm to release old patterns and align a positive shift in consciousness. $95.00.

Negative Energy Clearing -- 30 Minutes

We often can take on others negative energy, negative thought forms, carry past life karma or even be inhabited by a disembodied spirit!. Clearing negative frequencies from the chakra system allows for more health, success and love in current time/space reality. $95.00

Mediumship -- 30 Minutes

Blanche is a translator between the spirit world and human beings. she translates their communications to you. Come with your questions for departed loved ones. Deeply healing process $95.00

Past Life Regression -- 60 Minutes

Guided meditation where you have your own experience of one or more lifetimes. Potential experiences include visions, body sensations and emotional purging and healing.    $169.00

Spiritual Journey-- 60 Minutes

Curious about your future? Take a  spiritual journey where Blanche guides you into a deep relaxed state where you have  access to soul memory, past, present and future. Receive guidance from your higher self, warning signs and positive projections.    $169.00

Core Belief Repatterning -- 60 Minutes

Old beliefs that once protected us continue focusing the energy in our chakra system. We have often outgrown these protections. During a session the source of these unconscious beliefs are illuminated and the energy re-directed and re-programmed towards more positive flow for better creating what one desire's in this time/space reality.  $169.00

Group Classes

at The Chakra Shoppe

5034 N. Lincoln Ave.

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Additional Classes Added as they are Scheduled